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Max Mckenzie

Chattanooga, TN


My wife and I travel to different parts of the country photographing new material to bring back to our home studio. I then down load the images into my computer and work from a large color montor. This is not an original idea of course. I first saw a CD of Richard Schmid and he was painting from a chair in his studio and explained that due to health reasons he had to sit mostly to paint and he too works from a TV montor.
This works quiet well when we are traveling but nothing takes the place of painting on location. All of your senses, sight, sound, smell and any experiences that you might have on location becomes a part of the painting. This is hard to duplicate with a camera but who wants to drag all of the equipment out in the field for maybe one or two sketches when you can take a digital camera and get enough material to keep you busy for a year or more. The camera is an indispenseable tool for capturing different lighting situations or photographing a subject in several angles. These images can be down loaded into photoshop and used to creat a guide for a painting. The old masters used cameras to help them creat beautiful works of art. I see no reason why I should"nt do the same.


Blue Ridge Runoff


North of Big Sur


Seasons Pass


Trout Stream


Lake in Springtime.


Beach ON Highway One


Dogwood In Springtime


Diane's Cove


Wildlife Sanctuary


Mountain Retreat


Spring Thaw


Somewhere On Big Sur


Seal Sanctuary


Crossing Stones


Dock Side


First Frost


Morning Light


Pidgeon Point Lighthouse


Natural Jetti


Storm Over Desert


Sailor's Warning


Gatlinburg River


Rocky Shore Breakers


Cattle Cooling Pond